giovedì 4 settembre 2008

Oh Lord, please, tell me this is all true

La storia che raccontano quelli di Popbitch secondo la quale, in un impeto di solidarietà tra teenager incinte, la sorellina minore di Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn (anni:17, figli: 1) avrebbe scritto alla figlia di Sarah Palin, Bristol (anni: 16, figli: 1 - 4 mesi), è stupenda.

As if the Republican VP saga wasn't surreal enough, we get the news that Jamie Lynn Spears has been sending presents to Bristol Palin. Britney's little sis has just had a baby aged17, hoped to marry her childhood sweetheart butis reading magazine covers saying he's cheatingon her instead. JL sent Bristol a card saying"Dear Bristol: Hang in there!!!!! XXOO" and "a care package of fancy embroidered burp cloths". Packaged in a mini pink suitcase, the $60 set of five coordinating burp cloths are embroidered with Babe, Loved, Yummy, Fresh,and a skull & bones. JL asked for them in pink, so looks like Bristol is expecting a girl.

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